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A strong and stable culture is not necessarily good or even effective. And that could be costing you big dollars.

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Poor Recruitment Practices:

73% of professionals have left a job due to poor culture fit

- Robert Walters Cultural Fit Whitepaper
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Loss of Revenue & Profit:

Lower engagement among employees leads to 2.5X lower revenue growth

- Gallup's State of the American Workplace report
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Subpar Customer Experience:

A dissatisfied employee base produces a 10%decline in customer rating

- SHRM and Globoforce’s 2018 Employee Recognition Survey

Cognitee Labs can change all that, and more.

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The Cognitee Labs A.I. Driven Culture Platform gathers and analyzes enterprise data and internal company surveys, and refines that data via machine leaning – all leading to predictable indicators of corporate culture shifts.



At Cognitee Labs, we're collecting real time internal data, as well as independent 3rd party data, and using our proprietary A.I. algorithm to provide companies and their managers with accurate, culture-based benchmarks plus alert them of trends identifying future paradigm shifts.

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bulletReal-time measuring & trend analysis of your company's temperature and culture.

bulletPredictive analysis based upon measured events identifying and avoiding risk.

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bulletStarting the employee lifecycle at recruitment and not onboarding.

bulletCollecting and analyzing data to make a culture match between candidate and employer.

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bulletAnalyzing the culture of both the acquirer and the target for alignment and/or culture clash.

bulletProviding a compatibility study and culture gap analysis to drive post M&A integration success.

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Channels & Tools

bulletApplying culture-driven insights to venture investing for a competitive advantage.

bulletUsing culture, engagement, and performance to improve EBITDA margins.


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